Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Holiday in Australia

Australia arrives living throughout the Christmas and New Year summer holidays.

It is that time of the year when Australians relish the sandy coastlines, barbeques by the pool and a broad variety of fair and heritage activities.

Australia is furthermore the most well liked place travelled to for those from Great Britain, Europe and North America, getting away the acrid freezing of winter. Here are 5 proposals to assist you with your designing for a summer vacation in Australia.

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2. Travel Light.

it's summer in Australia and you don't require hefty clothing. I lately contacted a young female at a Youth Hostel in Darwin who was bearing a backpack that would have granted an Everest Sherpa Guide back pains.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What to do in Newcastle Xmas December 2010

Beaches: The area is home to some very well known beaches, including Nobbys and Stockton. It would be worth coming for the beaches alone, although they really are just a small part of what Newcastle is about. However, this stretch of coastline is stunning and the locals thought so too, so they created a 5km coastal walkway that takes in the beauty of the area and called it Bathers Way. Walking ‘Bathers’ is a must do!

Surfing: Newcastle is yet another NSW surf highlight – this province has been blessed with conditions that excite the local surf brigade. Don’t worry if you’ve never set foot on a surf board, there are plenty of local schools who make it their mission to get you out on the waves!

Harbour Attractions: You really don’t have to go very far to enjoy the delights of Newcastle as the harbour itself offers so much. Being a working harbour, it is very much the hub of activity and a great place to hang out with a coffee in one of the waterside cafes and watch all sorts of colourful characters! The activity is on several levels: alongside the workers you will find that the locals also flock to the foreshore to jog, cycle, roller blade, fly kites or meet with friends. It is a truly sociable place! What’s more, it is surrounded by large park areas perfect for family picnics. A trip to Newcastle would not be complete without checking out the harbour foreshore!

Art and Culture: It is perhaps a well kept secret but art is to Newcastle what Bondi is to Sydney! Newcastle has a thriving arts and cultural scene. Not only does it have a fabulous selection of art galleries that hold both resident collections and impressive travelling exhibitions, but it is also a place that international artists, performers and entertainers regularly include in their tours. As for local talent, Newcastle has a lot to shout about, with a wealth of home grown talent emerging across all genres, making a name for themselves and increasing the city’s reputation. There is always the chance to get involved and nurture your own talents too. The city’s Livesites offers over 100 days of free cultural events, demonstrations and workshops, so why not spice up your life with a course in belly dancing?!

For an off the wall approach to art, why not visit and marvel at the ‘weird echo spot’ at the corner of Watt St and King St! Marcus Westbury, founder of the local ‘This is Not Art’ annual arts and media festival in Newcastle, discovered this architectural spot where you can experience strange echoing audio effects and accoustics by standing on one particular brick! Not surprisingly, the weird echo spot made it into the festival’s ‘Alternative Guide to the City’. Go check it out and be amazed!!!!

Bushwalking: Combine walking with nature at Blackbutt Nature Reserve, only 10 minutes outside of the city. There are numerous walking trails through the reserve, where you will see the local wildlife in their natural habitats. For a closer look, the reserve also has special facilities for close ups with all the iconic aussie creatures, including koalas, kangaroos and wombats which makes it a perfect family day out. And if you’ve still got energy left over, continue on to Glenrock State Conservation Area, a large expanse of native coastal bush land with rocky trails leading over creeks and waterfalls to the beautiful Glenrock lagoon.

The Bogey Hole: Newcastle’s Bogey Hole is the name given to NSW’s oldest ocean bath. At the foot of Shepherd’s Hill and King Edward Park, this bath was built in the 1820s for the personal use of Commandant James Morrisset but has since been enlarged and is now used as a public swimming area.

Museums and Heritage Buildings: For the history buffs amongst you, Newcastle will not disappoint! There are numerous museums and heritage buildings to explore. Start with Fort Scratchley and the Maritime and Military Museum and from there on take a tour of Christ Church Cathedral. Then on to Customs House, previously a lumber yard and now one of Newcastle’s most architecturally impressive heritage buildings. Finish off by hopping onto the famed city tram that takes you through a historical tour of the city.

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New Year’s Eve 2011 Celebrations

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top Ultimate Christmas Traditions in Sydney

One of the best ways to do this at the holidays is to have magical traditions that take place year after year. Christmas in Sydney is hot and sunny, with a chance of festivities.Christmas in Sydney is a unique experience for our Northern Hemisphere visitors due to the hot weather, sunny skies and a distinct lack of snow and sleighbells.

Christmas traditions and the love that creates them tie us together as a family. Pair your Christmas carols with barbecues and check out the Australia-themed Christmas decorations and light displays that illuminate City Hall.

Christmas is always the most exciting time of the year. School children get six weeks holiday, and many professionals close their office from Christmas eve to the Australia Day Public Holiday on 26th January, so many families are in a holiday season over this period.

Cheap Sydney flights are hardest to find around Christmas time and January, when the Sydney Festival kicks into full swing.