Thursday, November 1, 2012

Immerse in Magnificence of Melbourne in November

The demand for cheap flights tickets increases by leaps and bounds as the November knocks the door in Melbourne, Australia. And the credit goes to the dulcet weather and a flurry of cultural feasts, musical performances and ceaseless revelries that lure the tourists. Read on to know more about the key offerings of the month.

Melbourne Cup Carnival
Utterly exhilarating and full of vim and vigour, Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the greatest rewards of buying tickets on city bound flights. Observed on the first Tuesday of the month, it comprises four major races held on different days. The carnival is as popular with horse race lovers as it is with other tourists. Certainly, millions book flights tickets to Melbourne, Australia for beholding the stimulating races. 

Melbourne Music Week
Melbourne Music Week taking place at a number of spots across CBD is another amazing treat to music aficionados hopping on flights to the city. The nine day program is all about elating events, acts, artistic collaborations, workshops and much more.

Apart from immersing in the glory of these festivals, vacationers can browse through the fascinating attractions of Melbourne and take pleasure in array of activities like wine tasting expeditions, sailing, swimming, diving and surfing.

The Australian city experiences a pleasant climate during the time. With enjoyable day temperatures and pleasing night climate, it is definitely a great time for taking delights in sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities. Given the high demand, the chances of netting cheap flights tickets are less and one is advised to plan in advance.

Road shows in Australia by Kerala Tourism

Kerala, a South Indian province known for its lush beauty and magical milieu, seems to be in a hurry to become the hottest holiday hotspot on the globe! After conducting a string of wonderful road shows in the UK and the Middle East, the state’s tourism authorities have successfully recreated the magic in Australia. 

Tourism department of the province, in a bid to tempt interested vacationers in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ to look for flights tickets to South India, held three road shows in three popular cities of the country  Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

The state organised similar road shows in the UK and Saudi Arabia, some time back, and was successful in augmenting travel and trade with the two destinations, with many people getting interested in the two regions to look for tickets on flights bound to India

A top state official who participated in the roadshows said that there has been a remarkable growth in the number of tourists booking flights tickets from Asia Pacific region. The figure during the last five years, he said, registered an exceptional increase of 168 per cent. 

Flights connectivity between Australia and Kerala was also mentioned by the official. He said the improved air connectivity between the two destinations, with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as the hubs, will surely result in more travellers grabbing air tickets to the incredible nation of India. 

Listed by the National Geographic Adventure among the “25 Best Adventure Trips”, Kerala is a highly popular holiday destination in India that beguiles many leisure tourists to purchase flights tickets for travel to India.

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