Friday, September 30, 2011

Woodford Folk Festival 2011

The Woodford Folk Festival is an yearly melodies carnival held beside the little homeland village of Woodford, 72 km north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the large-scale yearly heritage happenings of its kind in Australia.

The carnival takes location over six days and nights from 27 December to 1 January each year. It characteristics a broad variety of presentation methods, melodious genres and nationalities, in numerous simultaneous venues over the site. About 130,000 patrons join every year, living in marquees on-site—some just overnight—many for the full carnival experience. The last night of the Woodford carnival culminates in a stunning New Year's Day concluding observance, Fire Event.[
The Woodford Folk Festival evolved from the Maleny Folk Festival which started in Maleny in 1987. In 1994, the carnival was shifted 20 km away to Woodford when it outgrew the Maleny Showgrounds site.
Unlike numerous carnivals which are held in or beside built-up hubs, the Woodford Folk Festival takes location on a 200 ha (500 acre) country house in a plantation setting. The land is belongs to by the Queensland Folk Federation, manufacturers of the carnival and is furthermore dwelling to The Dreaming Festival, Australia’s International Indigenous Festival, which is held every year in June.

The last night of the Woodford carnival culminates in a stunning New Year's Day concluding observance, Fire Event. Over 20,000 carnival goers seated on a covered with grass hillside observer a scene of promenade, melodies, theatricality and blaze - with the flaming of a large structure proclaiming the New Year. The Fire Event was evolved by Neil Cameron at the previous Maleny carnival and preceded at Woodford; Paul Lawler worked with Cameron and took over as creative controller of the happening in 2003. His January 2000 Fire Event was featured in the global live TV broadcast heralding the new millennium.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tickets to Sydney – Beaches that Make them so Popular

Have you ever dreamt of a serene beachside location where you can walk hand-in-hand with your partner recollecting the most pleasurable moments of your life? If yes, then Sydney is a one stop destination for you. This city is a paradise for beach lovers and thus always remains on the top of the itinerary of the travellers booking cheap tickets to Australia.

The beaches of Sydney are as diverse as sugar and salt. Beaches like Tamarama Beach, Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach and Manly Beach feature thrilling adventure activities such as scuba diving, surfing, swimming and water rides that lure many to dig for cheap tickets to Sydney. The serenity-loving travellers may head towards the less populated beachside locations such as Watsons Bay and Camp Cove. Moreover, the travellers can make their stay outstanding by staying in one of the beachside hotels that give actual sense to your holidays to Sydney.

Weather you are booking tickets to Sydney with your family or you are a solo traveller, Sydney is a city that will never let you down. The aura of the city is such that every visitor coming here gets floored by the marvellous lures and smiling locals. Interacting with the locals can be really beneficial as they may help you in finding the best services at cheaper rates.

Apart form the beaches, the travellers may also have a good time visiting the beautiful draws of Sydney such as Sydney Harbour, Sydney's Taronga Zoo, Sydney's Open Air Cinema and Royal National Park to name a few.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tips to get cheap hotels in Sydney

A good stay can surely enrich your holiday experience. Many have a misconception that the more one spends the more one gets back. My experience being a traveler says that if you put in some extra efforts to do some research on the destination you are heading towards, you can easily make your holiday experience pulsating.

Recently I was looking for the most liveable cities and came up with Sydney. The place is mesmerising and hosts number of hotels to live in and thus cheap tickets to Sydney always stay in demand. Here are some fantastic tips explored by me for travellers to grab cheap hotels in Sydney who book tickets to Sydney.   

Before swiping your credit card, decide where you want to stay. The visitors desiring for lavish holidays can head towards the five star hotels whereas the budget oriented travellers can go for cheap hotels which are also comfortable and provide all the necessary amenities. Most of them are located in Liverpool, Southern CBD and Haymarket. Travellers who have booked cheap tickets to Australia and are now planning a weekend in Sydney can stay in the pleasant guest houses set up by locals.

Moreover, going for a good holiday package is also a great option which includes cheap tickets to Sydney and hotel bookings.

The best rule for travellers is “make friends and stay cool”. The more friendly you get with the locals the more they will help you by guiding you with the best. Your friendliness with locals may also help you get discounts and special benefits at the local shops, markets, and restaurants.