Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flight Information for Travel from London to Sydney

Sydney is the favourite travel destination of millions of travellers around the world. However, getting information on Australia flights and other related aspects often becomes a daunting task. The following account has certain tips, which can be pretty useful for someone planning to take holidays in Sydney.

London to Sydney Flights
Due to the distance between London and Sydney there is hardly any airline that operates direct flights to the destination. But one has many indirect connections or hopping flights to choose from. In fact, booking multi-leg flights help save a neat amount. Many of the indirect flights also let the traveller stop over for a brief stay in captivating Far Eastern destinations. For instance, it would be a good idea to set aside some time for exploring Bangkok, if one flies with British Airways as the airline uses the city for its stopover. Similarly, Virgin Atlantic halts in Hong Kong, while Qantas halts both in Bangkok and Singapore.

Emirates Airlines   
Passengers buying tickets to Sydney from Emirates airlines would be better off boarding their flight from London Gatwick Airport instead of Heathrow as the airline reportedly charged lower taxes from Gatwick. However, this information should be verified with the travel agent or the airline. By flying with Emirates, one also gets to do the Dubai to Sydney leg of the journey aboard the famed A380 aircraft.

Royal Brunei
Royal Brunei flies via Brunei and is a good choice for Sydney flight tickets. The fares are comparatively cheaper and the services are also pretty good.

Baggage Allowance
Most airlines to Sydney match the baggage allowance. So this can largely be ruled out as a factor to decide upon the airline to book tickets with. However, airlines hailing from the destination are often believed to offer a higher baggage allowance sometimes which travellers must check from reliable sources.

Destination Fares

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