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Backpacking Destinations - Australia

Australia is very beautiful country because it has beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, rainforests and endless deserts; Australia really is a heaven on Earth!!  Australia has many opportunities to explore its natural beauty.

Grab cheap flights ticket to Australia to enjoy its wonderful and adventures destinations. Every year flight tickets to Australia are bought by tons of adventurers and backpackers in search for quest. Below are top 4 destinations that can catch a vacationer’s attention: 

Travellers can enjoy in a special place in Australia is called Ayers Rock, Uluru. By taking 40 minutes of flight from Alice Spring, this Rock of 348 meter is standing erect in the deserts of Red Centre in Northern territory. IT is believed that Uluru highlights cultural significance of natural Rock sculptures which have ancestral landmark. 

Beyond expectations, Kakadu has largest national park of the Country beautiful waterfalls morphing into tranquil pools and floating lotus flowers which obscure giant crocodiles. Kakadu National park is a world heritage site overwhelmed with 1000 of species different types of plants, flowers, animals and birds. Seeing Kakadu National park and its natural beauty it will truly pay of money you’ve spend on flight tickets to Australia. There is a fascinating art gallery that opens the door to the unique collection of birds.

Daintree forests are located on the east coasts of Queensland and are famous for its flora and fauna. Daintree forest is considering as one of the world heritage sites giving home to 417 species of birds out of which 13 species are exotic and found nowhere else. Voyagers who love to hike can book their flight tickets to enjoy the tour of salty waters by boat and immerge themselves in the bounty on nature.

Byron Bay is another attraction of the paradisiacal country. Lined up with glistening beaches like Belongil Beach, The Wreck, Main Beach and Clarkes, it brings relaxation to globe trackers around the world. This place is suitable for both types of travelers, one who loves to lay back in relax and one who loves adventure. There are couples of adventure activities one can perform in Byron Bay like surfing, nature walks, kayaking, skydiving, ballooning and more. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sydney Airport – A Popular Gateway to Australia

Not without any reason cheap tickets to Australia sell as fast as lighting! The destination elates its guests with overwhelming melange of natural splendour, adrenalin pumping adventure sports, satiating shopping scene and much more.

Australia boasts several world-beating airports that promise a warm welcome to business travellers and other vacationers booking cheap flights ticket to Australia. But it is the state-of-the-art Sydney Airport that remains a major gateway to flyers descending on the shores of the country.

One of the busiest in the world, Sydney Airport (SYD) is a popular option among thousands of travellers taking Australia bound flight tickets. Located about 9km south of city centre, SYD is easily accessed by taxi, bus or train. Ample of airlines like British Airways, Qantas Airways, Emirates, Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines offer flights to the country.

SYD features 3 terminals that offer matchless facilities to all sorts of air travellers including business travellers, transit passengers and holidaymakers taking air tickets. Besides, SYD boasts plenty of cheap cafes, bars, lounges and shopping outlets. Asakaze in T1 International (Before Customs) in the food court and Bambini Wine Room in T1 International (After Customs) in the central lounge are perfect spots for gourmets to loosen their waist girdles and start gorging on delectable food! For shoppers with cheap tickets, the place features a whole lot of cheap, duty free zones that are potent enough to quench the desire of those with a shopping itch!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Qatar Airways to Start Dreamliner Flights Services to Australia

Flyers hoping to experience the charm of Boeing 787 Dreamliner after booking tickets deals on Australia flights would be able to do so as Qatar Airways has announced its plans of initiating daily flights to and from Australia with the jet liner. 

From Feb. 1, 2013, the airline will launch Boeing 787 flights services to Australia and will be proving tickets options for a connection between Perth and Doha. Flyers from Australia seeking flights tickets for onward journey to destinations like London Heathrow would also be pleased. 

With Qatar Airways, passengers from Perth would easily be able to connect via Doha to more than 80 destinations worldwide, including approximately 30 in the European continent such as London. The carrier will be flying a 787 on one of its five daily flights to LHR from this week, allowing travellers to enjoy a single 787 product all the way after booking tickets. 

Travellers booking flights tickets on the new aircraft would be able to experience the award-winning touch screen Android system that allows access to more than 1,000 movies, TV programs and games, surely a pleasant treat for passengers buying seat tickets.

From Feb. 1, 2013, daily flight will depart from Doha at 0130 hrs and arrive in Australia at 1720hrs. QR901 will take off from Australia at 2245hrs and land in Doha at 0510 hrs, for the return journey. For those looking for tickets for onward journey to London Heathrow, Flight QR075 departs Doha at 0625hrs and arrives in London at 1105 hrs. QR076 will leave LHR at 1505 hrs and arrive in Doha at 0045 hrs, next day.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Immerse in Magnificence of Melbourne in November

The demand for cheap flights tickets increases by leaps and bounds as the November knocks the door in Melbourne, Australia. And the credit goes to the dulcet weather and a flurry of cultural feasts, musical performances and ceaseless revelries that lure the tourists. Read on to know more about the key offerings of the month.

Melbourne Cup Carnival
Utterly exhilarating and full of vim and vigour, Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the greatest rewards of buying tickets on city bound flights. Observed on the first Tuesday of the month, it comprises four major races held on different days. The carnival is as popular with horse race lovers as it is with other tourists. Certainly, millions book flights tickets to Melbourne, Australia for beholding the stimulating races. 

Melbourne Music Week
Melbourne Music Week taking place at a number of spots across CBD is another amazing treat to music aficionados hopping on flights to the city. The nine day program is all about elating events, acts, artistic collaborations, workshops and much more.

Apart from immersing in the glory of these festivals, vacationers can browse through the fascinating attractions of Melbourne and take pleasure in array of activities like wine tasting expeditions, sailing, swimming, diving and surfing.

The Australian city experiences a pleasant climate during the time. With enjoyable day temperatures and pleasing night climate, it is definitely a great time for taking delights in sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities. Given the high demand, the chances of netting cheap flights tickets are less and one is advised to plan in advance.

Road shows in Australia by Kerala Tourism

Kerala, a South Indian province known for its lush beauty and magical milieu, seems to be in a hurry to become the hottest holiday hotspot on the globe! After conducting a string of wonderful road shows in the UK and the Middle East, the state’s tourism authorities have successfully recreated the magic in Australia. 

Tourism department of the province, in a bid to tempt interested vacationers in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ to look for flights tickets to South India, held three road shows in three popular cities of the country  Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

The state organised similar road shows in the UK and Saudi Arabia, some time back, and was successful in augmenting travel and trade with the two destinations, with many people getting interested in the two regions to look for tickets on flights bound to India

A top state official who participated in the roadshows said that there has been a remarkable growth in the number of tourists booking flights tickets from Asia Pacific region. The figure during the last five years, he said, registered an exceptional increase of 168 per cent. 

Flights connectivity between Australia and Kerala was also mentioned by the official. He said the improved air connectivity between the two destinations, with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as the hubs, will surely result in more travellers grabbing air tickets to the incredible nation of India. 

Listed by the National Geographic Adventure among the “25 Best Adventure Trips”, Kerala is a highly popular holiday destination in India that beguiles many leisure tourists to purchase flights tickets for travel to India.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

India: A Country for All Seasons

India is a greatly diversified country that boasts of stunning natural beauties and multiple cultures. Natural beauty of the country peeks through gorgeous mountains, green forests, sandy desserts, deep seas, stunning valleys, cascading waterfalls and palm-fringed beaches. No, I am not taking about five different countries here; this is in fact a gist of about one-fifth of India’s natural treasures. 

Holidays in India are like having holidays in different parts of the world. No prize for guessing that India is a red hot tourist destination. Procuring cheap tickets to Delhi on flights to India is again not a very difficult job. There are numerous direct flights operating from London to India. Book your flights, get your tickets and enjoy your holidays in India any time of the year.

The country has four major seasons – autumn, winter, spring and summer. Each season has its own charms and attractions. The lovely pink winters of India are inviting and exciting. The northern part of India bathes in the wintery fog and chilly mist and brings out the romance in the environment. 

The summers of India are notoriously hot and no wonder people are forced to run to various hill stations of the nation. These hill stations are not only popular among domestic travellers but are equally loved by visitors from foreign countries. 

Spring is the harbinger of newness and happiness in the environment and it plays the exact same role in India. Great weather, blooming flowers in spring offer a picturesque setting that fills hearts with pleasure and joy. Autumn is another significant Indian season and the one that is all about celebrations and festivals. Most of the major Indian festivals take place in this part of year. 

Additionally, for individuals hoping to experience a slice of India’s renowned wildlife, autumn is the best time to visit India.

The Excitement of a Honeymoon in Australia

Now that the  disquiet  from the  marriage  is over, it's time to  believe  about that long awaited honeymoon. There are so  numerous   persons  that  design  their honeymoons to long tropical climates  for example  Cuba, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and the  register   proceeds  on. While these  locations  are  magnificent,   vitally  they  permit  you the  opening  to  ill  back and  rest   throughout  the day, while in the  night  you have the  choice  of going out and having a  large  time in one of the  numerous   associations  in the cities. However, there are other  choices  for a honeymoon. If you're looking for  exhilaration,   undertakings,  surfing and scuba diving, then Australia honeymoons are  precisely  the  kind  of honeymoon you should  gaze  into. There are  some   kinds  of Australia honeymoon  holidays  to  select  from.


You may have considered a safari was only accessible in Africa, but it's rather the opposite. There is so much natural attractiveness to relish while on Australia honeymoons, there are safaris accessible on all components of the continent. There are packages accessible that offer a couple of days in the outback, and some days in a hotel. This is a large choice if you don't desire to spend your whole holiday trekking it through the wilds, which can be attractive rough sometimes. The safaris will take you on some of the most astonishing wilds adventures.

Hiking Ayer's Rock

Ayer's Rock which is now renowned as Uluru is a gigantic sandstone rock. The rock is roughly 8 miles in diameter. There are astonishing caves and waterholes to discover. Inside the caves you will find art which was decorated there years before by the Aboriginals. Be certain to have a good two of hiking footwear as the terrain is very rocky, and there is abounding of hiking and climbing. These are directed trips and accessible in all-inclusive holiday packages.

Katherine Region

Katherine Region
Stretching from the border with Western Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Katherine Region of the Northern Territory is full of things to do and see – including Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge), historic Pine Creek, the beautiful Edith Falls, the remote Gulf Region, the thermal pools at Mataranka, and the premier fishing destinations of Victoria River and Daly River.

Lovers of the great outdoors will find plenty to do here – the landscape here is as diverse as it is beautiful - it is a combination of gorges, escarpments, rugged Outback, waterways, and savannah grasslands, making it the ideal place for fishing, bushwalking, camping, canoeing or bird watching. The region includes six national parks, and over ten nature parks, conservations areas and reserves, which are home to hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife.

The wildlife is easily spotted whilst walking in the region and there are numerous walking trails – Nitmiluk National Park alone has more than 60 miles of walking tracks, ranging from gentle strolls to challenging hikes.

Originally inhabited by the Dagomen and Jawoyn Aboriginal people, Katherine itself was “discovered” in 1862 when the explore John McDouall Stuart passed through. The town of Katherine developed following the arrival of the Overland Telegraph Line. After favourable reports about the suitability of the land here, the homestead “Spring Vale” was established here in 1879 – it still exists today, and is the oldest homestead in the entire NT. Katherine boasts a number of other “firsts” – it was here that the first flying doctor worked, and his original aeroplane is housed in the Katherine Museum. 56 miles from Katherine Township is Pine Creek, famous for its gold mining (which only ceased in 1995) and railway heritage.

The story Canberra - What to do in Canberra

The story goes that because Sydney and Melbourne were fighting amongst themselves as to which city should be the country’s capital, it was decided that a new capital city would be built somewhere in between the two! So became Canberra, Australia’s capital city and political centre. Its name is taken from an Aboriginal name ‘Canberra’, meaning ‘meeting place’, quite a fitting name given that the city is indeed a meeting place for many of the country’s influential figures. Canberra is one of only 2 of the world’s capital cities that have been pre-meditated in design, having come into being as a result of an international competition launched in 1911, for the design of Australia’s new Federal Capital. The result was a city with unparalleled symmetry, making it an easy job for new visitors to the city to find their way around!

Unfairly, Canberra has received a bad rap amongst many Aussies (generally the ones that have never been there!). They see it as lacking the glitz and glamour of its neighbouring cities. However, those that do make the journey are never disappointed. Few people realise that Canberra is actually one of, if not the, greenest of Australia’s main cities. This is an urban oasis waiting to be discovered. Instead of having parks fighting for space between high rise buildings, Canberra has architectural buildings fighting for space amongst the numerous big parks and areas of bush! The nickname ‘Australia’s bush capital’ is for a very good reason! There is no shortage of green space, some manicured to perfection, some native bush, to wonder at leisure, partake in romantic picnics by the waterside, canoe down the river ways, and don a pair of roller blades for those wanting more action.

What to do in Canberra

Museums and Galleries: The historical buildings and museums are the hub of all that makes Canberra tick. There are so many museums and galleries that house the national treasures in every respect, that there really is something to suit everyone’s taste. For the kids amongst you, why not take a trip to the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, where you can learn all about NASA, try an astronaut’s outfit on for size and see a piece of moon rock over 3.8 million years old – if that doesn’t impress then you’re a hard one to please! Art buffs should head over to the National Gallery, where they will find a diverse collection of art including heritage pieces of Aboriginal art alongside international pieces of all forms, including sculpture and textiles.

Whatever else you see, it would be criminal not to visit Australia’s Parliament House, one of the worlds’ most acclaimed buildings. Never mind the impressive building, you’ll be astonished by the massive Australian flag blowing in the breeze, the size of it is bigger than a double-decker bus! If you time your visit just after lunch, you might just catch the MPs in action at Question Time.

Activities for the kids: If you have little ones, take them for a fascinating interactive morning at Questacon National Science and Technology Centre where amongst other experiences they can see caged lightning or feel the force of an earthquake! Follow this with an afternoon either at the National Zoo and Aquarium where the kids can pat a cheetah on the ‘meet-a-cheetah’ encounter, or see them fall silent at the Australian Reptile Centre when they are asked to hold a ‘friendly’ python – after that they’ll be putty in your hands!

Hot Air Ballooning and Vineyards: With so much to see, you might want to take it easy on the legs the following day. Time to book a hot air balloon and marvel at the city sights whilst soaring high above the Brindabella Mountains that fringe this elegant city. You will probably be tempted by the many wineries you see beneath you as you make your way across the Canberra district, there are over 140 vineyards in total! Head out for a drive in the afternoon to sample the dazzling array of Sauvignons, Merlots, Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. With so many on offer, you’d be best to book accommodation as close to the vineyards as possible, preferably crawling distance!!

Cockington Green Gardens: For something completely different, head to Cockington Green Gardens and discover the world in 80 paces! The Gardens have been constructed from miniature buildings representing iconic structures from 19 different countries, with the buildings constructed exactly to scale.

Festivals and Events: Capital cities are often perceived as vibrant and although at first glance Canberra does not have the eclectic mix of architecture through the ages or of a carnival atmosphere, there is a busy calendar of public events and shows to keep even the most poker faced amused throughout the year! Take a trip there any time of year and you are almost certain to coincide with a festival of some sort, be it the flower festival in September and October, the Balloon Fiesta in April, not to mention the Canberra Birthday Festival every March, when the streets become a catwalk for the annual Mardi Gras parade!

So come along and see Australia’s friendly capital city and discover that it is much more than a bureaucratic centre, beneath it’s cool exterior lies a pulse waiting to be tapped into, be it lazing on the lawns of the many parks and gardens listening to native birdsong, ramping it up at the annual Canberra Car Rally, or just dining at one of the many stylish restaurants that are dotted amongst the leafy suburbs. It is all this and more.

Book your flight to Australia with Cheap Tickets and Air Tickets to get a gift voucher from the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre.

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Tickets to Australia Promise Lifetime Experiences

Australia is one of the hottest destinations that offer everything from nature’s bounty to incredible wildlife and action-packed adventures. Unsurprisingly, thousands flock here to behold the awe-inspiring Oz beauty and get a glimpse of its myriad charms! Here is a little smattering on a few activities that can easily be classified as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Swim with Whale-Sharks
Tourists’ spending money on cheap tickets to Australia to experience an authentic slice of the nation should do well to flock to Ningaloo. Ningaloo, Australia’s magical reef, offers bewitching experiences with its widely exotic corals and multi-coloured fishes. Those looking to make their holidays memorable can choose to dive with whale sharks – world’s largest fish, for a genuine experience of a lifetime!

Feed the Crocs
Having lunch with crocs may sound an insane idea, but it is indeed a heart-thudding adventure to go on an organised and safe tour that feeds the crocs from boats and manages to get them leaping out of the water to catch food! The spectacular sight of these fantastic and fearsome reptiles from close quarters is definitely worth the money you spend on your cheap tickets to Australia!

Dive In the Great Barrier Reef
By far the best diving spot, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty, teeming corals and abundance of marine-life! The vivid colors and utterly mesmerizing marine-life pamper the divers leaving them flabbergasted! The picturesque Great Barrier Reef boasts dugongs and green turtles, a diverse variety of dolphins and whales. If diving is not your cup of tea, take a cruise to get your senses assailed with reef’s beauty!

Australia is 6th largest country in the world according to land in contrast. If you love travel then you must come to Australia to see its Natural attraction, wildlife.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hotel Options for Travellers with Cheap Tickets to Brisbane

The luscious flavour of Brisbane is tasted by almost every holidaymaker grabbing cheap tickets to Australia. Punctuated with marvellous attractions including Southbank Parklands, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Story Bridge and Newstead House, Brisbane makes for an apt destination for rejuvenating the senses with its splendid attractions.

With the kind of popularity Brisbane enjoys, it is not surprising that the city is inundated with top hotels and other wonder accommodation facilities. There is also no dearth of cheap hotels for fulfilling the needs of budget conscious visitors netting cheap tickets to Brisbane.

Brisbane Manor Hotel
Sitting in the heart of Brisbane, Brisbane Manor Hotel remains a popular option among many shoestring travellers booking tickets to Brisbane. Featuring different sorts of rooms including Family Room, Double and Twin rooms and Backpacker Dorms and replete with most amenities, the hotel makes for an apt choice for holidaymakers and business travellers.

Bowen Terrace Accommodation
Another great option for holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights tickets to Brisbane, Bowen Terrace Accommodation is located in Bowen Terrace, New Farm in Brisbane. Boasting traditional architecture, the hostel is a good option for experiencing the lifestyle of Queenslanders. Here the rooms vary in quality and you can take any room as per your need and budget. In addition to this you can also avail various facilities like laundry, ironing and car parking.

Metro Tower Mill
Metro Tower Mill is situated in Spring Hill in the business district of Brisbane. The hotel is home to 80 air-conditioned rooms and boasts a restaurant and a bar/lounge. Metro Tower Mill is located at the walking distance from Museum of Brisbane, Queen Street Mall, and Roma Street Parkland.

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