Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tickets to Australia Promise Lifetime Experiences

Australia is one of the hottest destinations that offer everything from nature’s bounty to incredible wildlife and action-packed adventures. Unsurprisingly, thousands flock here to behold the awe-inspiring Oz beauty and get a glimpse of its myriad charms! Here is a little smattering on a few activities that can easily be classified as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Swim with Whale-Sharks
Tourists’ spending money on cheap tickets to Australia to experience an authentic slice of the nation should do well to flock to Ningaloo. Ningaloo, Australia’s magical reef, offers bewitching experiences with its widely exotic corals and multi-coloured fishes. Those looking to make their holidays memorable can choose to dive with whale sharks – world’s largest fish, for a genuine experience of a lifetime!

Feed the Crocs
Having lunch with crocs may sound an insane idea, but it is indeed a heart-thudding adventure to go on an organised and safe tour that feeds the crocs from boats and manages to get them leaping out of the water to catch food! The spectacular sight of these fantastic and fearsome reptiles from close quarters is definitely worth the money you spend on your cheap tickets to Australia!

Dive In the Great Barrier Reef
By far the best diving spot, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty, teeming corals and abundance of marine-life! The vivid colors and utterly mesmerizing marine-life pamper the divers leaving them flabbergasted! The picturesque Great Barrier Reef boasts dugongs and green turtles, a diverse variety of dolphins and whales. If diving is not your cup of tea, take a cruise to get your senses assailed with reef’s beauty!

Australia is 6th largest country in the world according to land in contrast. If you love travel then you must come to Australia to see its Natural attraction, wildlife.