Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Free Attractions for Flyers Taking Tickets on Perth Flights

Travellers booking air tickets on cheap flights to take a memorable holiday in Perth, the charismatic capital city of Western Australia, often get overwhelmed by the  gorgeous beaches, serene Swan River, sparkling ocean water, stunning verdant landscape, adventure activities and many other bewitching attractions. Here is a rundown to some of the popular free lures that live up to the expectations of budget holidaymakers.

Adventure seekers boarding flights to this beautiful city in Australia, can visit the Shoalwater Marine Park to take a plunge into the sparkling water. The pristine sandy beach, crystal clear sea and beautiful reefs make the place perfect for snorkelling and diving. Though you don’t need any tickets to visit the place, but for diving in the water one requires permission from the authority. Not only fun activities, visitors can witness various species of aquatic lives and birds like sea stars, seals, molluscs, silver gulls, penguins and Caspian terns.

If you are seeking isolation in the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery, then the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the perfect destination to head to. Located at the top of the Mount Eliza, the place gives flights to the fancies of its visitors by offering a picture perfect bird’s eye view of the city of Perth and the Swan River. Travellers, particularly having an interest in horticulture often look for air tickets aboard Australia flights to visit Perth and take part in the Kings Park Festival to witness the diverse range of wild flowers.

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