Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Nightspots in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular destinations frequented by international travellers who purchase tickets aboard flights destined for Australia. The city features a thriving nightlife and is the perfect place for a night-out for those on holiday. Following are two of the best nightspots in Sydney, Australia.

Soho Bar
Housed in a heritage building, the Soho Bar is a favourite among foreign tourists boarding long-haul flights to the city. Key features of this joint include its funky d├ęcor and racy dance tracks performed by leading DJs. The party’s been raging here every night for the past twenty years and the crowd seems to be only getting larger with the passage of each day. Though entry tickets are required, the cost is not prohibitive and there are two small bars with minimal seating for short breaks between dances. The dance floor though is expansive with three dimensional wall and ceiling installations that fills one with a feeling of surrealism. This joint’s importance is evidenced from the fact that after-party events and popular fests such as Future Music are often held here.    

Hugo’s Lounge
Some describe it as a small oasis of sophistication within King’s Cross, while others swear by its ambience and classy choice of music. With the rave reviews posted online by people from all over the world including those who came from afar on long-haul flights, it is easy to understand why Hugo’s Lounge is packed round the year. Located just above the equally famous pizzeria with the same name, the party here begins late in the evening at eleven, when all the tables vanish almost magically. Cheap pizzas and reasonably priced entry tickets have also helped it develop a cult following among the young generation of the metropolis. In fact, this establishment has been awarded the Best Nightclub in Australia award by the national liquor industry three times in a row.

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